Murli Thirumale

VP and GM, Cloud Native Business Unit at Pure Storage
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Murli Thirumale is General Manager of Pure Storage's Cloud Native Business Unit - Portworx, where he is responsible for strategy, operations, and solutions that deliver multi-cloud data services for Kubernetes. Murli joined Pure Storage following the company’s acquisition of Portworx, Inc. in September 2020. He was previously co-founder and CEO of Ocarina Networks, which was acquired by Dell in 2010. Murli was also vice president and general manager of the advanced solutions group at Citrix Systems.

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  • Pure was like any other storage company. It started out in the storage business. You store things and make sure they don’t get lost, it’s reliable and all of that kind of stuff. That continues and all other storage companies do that. But the nature of these applications start to [evolve] and you get more and more workloads that are containerized.

    7 January 2022
  • Now we don’t just give IT teams the tools needed to run data services in production, we are providing an as-a-service experience for the data services themselves so our customers can focus on innovation, not operations.

    7 January 2022
  • Leading Fortune ‘2000’ companies are using Kubernetes as their new control plane for infrastructure management, using overlay software and these interfaces to manage their storage, networking, and compute capex — using Kubernetes and getting the agility scale and cost savings of Kubernetes for IT as well as applications.

    7 January 2022
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    VP and GM, Cloud Native Business Unit