Nadav Berger

Founding General Partner at PeakBridge VC
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Born into a family that has manufactured food for three generations, Nadav Berger has been surrounded by the food industry his whole life. Since then he has served as a prominent figure in the food world. In 2008, Berger co-founded FoodLab, a food applications lab focused on innovation and development of our food systems. In order to fund thee innovations emerging in the food industry, Berger developed one of the first food tech vc's, FoodLab Capitals. Serving CPGs and entrepreneurs globally, Berger currently sits on the board of Doux Matok, SimpleOrder, Innovopro, and NextFerm. He is also on the advisory board of Trellis, Water IO and FreshHub and Ripples.

Most recently, Berger became the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Peak Bridge Ventures, a new agri-food fund focused on investing in and nurturing the burgeoning agri and food tech industry. Berger plans to use his decades of experience to scout, mentor and grow promising startups that provide solutions and build value from farm to fork.

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  • The food industry has significant impact on both human and planet health. Through this cooperation we will strengthen our ability to support companies and entrepreneurs who positively impact the critical transition we require.

    18 January 2022
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