Nadir Settles

Managing Director, New York Regional Head at Nuveen
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Nadir is responsible for all aspects of New York office real estate investmentsand has portfolio management responsibilites for a New York City Property strategy. Nadir’s experience includes various positions from asset management, portfolio management, acquisitions, and product development.

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  • We believe the COVID-19 pandemic will provide compelling investment opportunities for New York Property Fund II. With the fund acquisition of 125 West End, a Life Science conversion, we are well underway in executing the strategy we discussed with investors while raising capital.

  • Sustainability and green development are vital components of our building designs, and we’re reducing energy consumption at 730 Third Avenue to mitigate the effects of climate change.

  • As we continue price discovery, and transactions start to pick up, I think those that have work to be done is where we'll find deals, and I think that's what we're perfectly set up for our execution. Because we can do redevelopment, we can take on leasing risk, and we can contemplate all of the work that needs to be done in our purchase price.

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