Nami Yamamoto

Chief Executive Officer at Yamamotoyama
On the record

Currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Yamamotoyama U.S.A, the North American operation of Yamamotoyama. This company was founded in 1690, and I am the 11th generation of this family owned and operation business. Yamamotoyama is the oldest tea company and one of the largest seaweed companies, serving retail and food service worldwide. As the first woman to lead the company, and the first member of my family based outside of Japan, I am driven to share Yamamotoyama's rich heritage and vast expertise to delight consumers one sip, one bite, one exciting experience at a time.

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  • I am so happy to be part of this unusual sisterhood of women leaders. After attending college in the USA, I have a deep appreciation for American culture, and the way that it integrates in the Japanese way of doing things. Whatever we do, an excellent cup of tea makes it better. Our Yamamoto and Stash teas as well as the Soy and Seaweed products that we were the first to create for the global market, are a source of pride for our company and my family. I am deeply grateful to be part of this amazing organization.

    29 August 2021
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