Nancy E Bos

Voice Expert (Teacher, Coach, Talent, Researcher, Author), CEO and founder at StudioBos Media
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Nancy Bos, voice and performance expert, and founder and CEO of StudioBos Media, empowers people to explore and maximize their personal stories, or personal narratives, for their best life.

Having worked with thousands of singers and speakers for over 20 years, Nancy has witnessed that the stories people believe about themselves have incredible power when it comes to their success.  She is obsessed with enabling people to consciously mold the narratives that guide their lives. Through her company, StudioBos Media, Nancy empowers all people, especially women, to find their voices and realize their dreams. StudioBos does this through books, articles, podcasts, events, and more. The Celebrate Singing events division is an international online community and education hub for women who sing, from ages 40 and up. Nancy is the author of several books, including best-sellers:
Singing Through Change: Women’s Voices in Midlife, Menopause, and Beyond
The Teen Girl’s Singing Guide
Singing 101: Vocal Basics and Fundamental Singing Skills

Nancy is a frequent speaker at international conferences and association meetings, including being a featured presenter for five conferences held by the National Association of Teachers of Singing. She has appeared on The KevinMD podcast, Fit for Joy with Valeria Teles, The Intelligent Vocalist and many others. She will make her TED debut in July 2022 for TEDxABQ, and enjoys hosting the Every Sing podcast.

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  • Taking charge of your personal story means taking charge of your life. - Nancy Bos

  • Your story is your own. Nobody can take it from you. - Nancy Bos

  • Only personal goals lead to meaningful achievements. All other achievements are meaningless. - Nancy Bos

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