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Partner, Labor and Employment Practice at Fox Rothschild LLP
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Nancy Yaffe focuses her practice on labor and employment law counseling and litigation with an emphasis on problem prevention. Nancy defends all types of businesses against employee claims and lawsuits involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wage-and-hour violations. She defends both single plaintiff and class or collective action matters. Her clients include prominent southern California hotels, restaurants, retailers, as well as manufacturing, technology and all types of service providing companies.

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  • There are many enumerated exceptions to AB5, but IT professionals or consultants are not listed. So unless IT professionals lobby the state legislature to get an exemption (which seems unlikely), AB5 will apply. Individuals who perform IT work (the typical ‘IT guy’) who is working under this own Social Security Number and maybe a DBA, and has no entity, will no longer be compliant. Either those IT guys will need to be hired by the retaining entity as W2 employees, or be convinced to set up a business.

    26 September 2021
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    Partner, Labor and Employment Practice