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Natalie Moore is a licensed therapist, content creator and expert speaker based in Los Angeles. She helps ambitious, creative millennials increase their emotional resiliency and transform limiting patterns to create the life, love and career of their dreams. Natalie incorporates holistic modalities like mindfulness, somatic psychology, breathwork and manifestation into her therapy work to support the natural healing process. She offers online secure tele-therapy to California resident adults.

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    How To Comfort A Friend Who Lost A Parent — “Keep in mind that you’ll be the one who sets the tone for how comfortable your friend feels talking to you about their grief. If you can hold space for them and speak candidly about grief and loss, your friend will see you as a safe person to go to and a soft place to land."

    6 February 2021

    10 Unexpected New Year's Resolutions That Will Actually Make Your Life Better — “[….] sourcing, cooking, and eating your food can engage all five senses as well as a sixth one most people don’t know about, interoception, which is your perception of internal body sensations, such as hunger, satiety, or feeling overly full."

    6 February 2021

    6 Taboo Topics You Should Actually Discuss at Work — “Women are often discouraged from expressing themselves in the workplace when, in fact, they can capitalize on their emotional intelligence.”

    6 February 2021