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During the COVID-19 pandemic, recognizing the heightened need for mental health services in the Tampa Bay Area, I founded a mental health practice with a focus on accessibility and inclusivity. Opting to accept insurance as a group practice, I aimed to blend the private feel of individual therapy with the accessibility associated with community centers or agencies. A key element of my vision was to provide opportunities for female therapists, particularly those from minority backgrounds, to enter the business world, inspired by my own lack of mentorship during my journey.

Determined to address the underrepresentation of women in business, I successfully built a stable and thriving practice over the past few years. During this time, I have mentored and supported over 25 women entering the mental health field. This success has fueled my next venture – a transition into the nonprofit sector, where I aspire to continue making a positive impact on accessibility and empowerment for women. I created "The Creating Space Collaborative, Inc." in December 2023.

I am an award winning, proud Latina and first-generation business owner with a mission rooted in empowerment. As a licensed mental health counselor, I've dedicated my journey to opening doors for others, especially women. My love for psychology, coupled with a strong belief in collaborative learning and leadership, has driven me to not just succeed but to ensure the success of those who follow. I am on this beautiful life journey of fostering a community where it's okay for women to uplift each other, break barriers, and collectively thrive. I have a Masters degree in Sociology from Boston College and a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from USF. In my free time, you will find me at a local coffeeshop with a book in hand or taking my four-legged child on a walk in our neighborhood.

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  • "Trauma is the uninvited guest that lingers in the hallways of our minds, haunting us with memories we wish we could forget. Yet somehow with each step forward, we find the courage we need to confront our fears, confront our past."

  • "Gaslighting in friendships undermines trust, distorts reality, and erodes self-esteem. True friends support growth and validate experiences. Recognizing and addressing gaslighting behaviors is a necessity for maintaining great, empowering connections."

  • "True empowerment for women in relationships begins with honoring their mental health needs. Only when women nurture their own well-being can they truly thrive in their relationships, setting a powerful example of healthy boundaries and mutual respect."

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