Natasha Marie Narkiewicz

Head of Communications & Sexual Wellness Expert at MysteryVibe
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  • "In either case, sex toys can offer some assistance. Natasha Marie of the sex tech company MysteryVibe refers to them as "a lifeline to sanity" over the sometimes tense festive season, or "extra holiday spice" for either solo or partnered sex." - Natasha Marie Narkiewicz

    Source: Hay, Mark. Mashable. 2021. "The most common sex toy injuries — and how to avoid them".

  • "Wearable sex tech provides access to health and pleasure and mitigates factors that prevent the experience of healthy pleasure. 2022 is heralding the mainstream acceptance of sexual technology as assistive technology and changing the narrative around sexual health and sexual health products being ancillary. Sex tech as assistive technology is the latest iteration of this trend in mainstream acceptance of health and wellness, and the applications and opportunities are endless to improve overall quality of life." - Natasha Marie Narkiewicz

    Source: Mandriota, Morgan. PyschCentral. 2022. "Top 10 Sexual Health and Wellness Trends to Watch"

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    Head of Communications & Sexual Wellness Expert