Dr. Nate Favini

Chief Medical Officer at Forward Health
On the record

Nate Favini, MD, MS serves as Chief Medical Officer at Forward, the innovative primary care practice that empowers top-rated doctors with advanced technology, reaching more people with better primary care. He leads Forward's teams of health care providers, oversees clinical operations and supervises clinical product development for the organization. Prior to Forward, he was Director of Primary Care at CareMore Health System.

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  • It’s worth noting that loss of smell is also a symptom we see in around 30 percent of the people who get the flu. It’s a common symptom for respiratory viruses and isn’t specific to COVID-19.

    10 June 2021
  • In fact, a dry throat can be caused by the air quality of your home, the temperature of your home, and how you sleep. Waking up with a dry throat is actually quite common, especially for people who sleep with their mouths open at night. When you're breathing at night, you are breathing out water vapor and breathing in drier air from your surrounding environment, which is generally what causes you to wake up with a dry throat in the morning.

    17 November 2020
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