Nate Smolenski

Chief Information Security Officer at Corvus Insurance
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Nate Smolenski is the Chief Information Security Officer at Corvus Insurance, a leading provider of commercial cyber insurance products. Previously, Nate was Head of Enterprise Security Strategy at Netskope. Prior to that, he was the Head of Technology Security Strategy and Engineering for the NY Life Insurance Company. Nate has also held CISO roles as Spencer Stuart, Zurich North America and 21st Century Insurance

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  • As we saw with the recent event in Florida, where an intruder attempted to manipulate chemical levels in the water supply for the community, these kinds of cyberattacks have the potential to escalate to physical harm. In providing security reports for policyholders every day, we find there are often simple and inexpensive steps that can be taken to harden defenses and prevent the most common forms of attack. It's a matter of communicating this information to the right people at the right time and ensuring it is prioritized.

    13 February 2021
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