Neil Jones

Market Development Manager at Canada Life UK
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Neil is an investment specialist with over 20 years’ financial services experience with life and pensions providers, an investment company and as a professional adviser specialising in pensions, investments and estate planning. Neil has been involved in product development, investment research and training.

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  • Some people think we’re in for a few tax changes and tax rises because, in theory, we have to pay for the extra spending that covid has caused. The tax changes are going to be quite an upheaval for some people, especially if they start changing the basic structure of tax.

    23 September 2020
  • The impact of coronavirus is obviously high on the government’s priority list, and rightly so. This seems to have driven a lot of what the chancellor of the Exchequer said and changed the priorities, so reform could happen in the future.

    8 April 2020
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