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Nic Halverson is the Founder and CEO of Occuspace, an emerging leader in the occupancy monitoring space. He is the inventor of the trending IoT technology that is being used by dozens of U.S. universities and Fortune 1000 companies to provide real-time space occupancy data critical to help promote social distancing and safe space usage during the pandemic. Under Halverson's leadership, the company has seen an explosive increase in demand since the start of 2020. Halverson has participated as a company spokesperson and technology expert in regional and national media outlets including The New York Times, San Diego Union-Tribune, ABC and CBS regional affiliates.

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  • “We and other people realize that people care about how crowded places are now more than ever and it kinda transformed from being that was just convenient to have, it was nice to know how busy a place was before you went, to something that was more a matter of health and safety,” [Halverson] said. - 10News (ABC)

  • “We have more in-bound interest than we’ve ever had,” he said. “We raised a bit more money, doubled team size from four to eight people and are still growing faster than we can handle, which is fun.” - San Diego Union-Tribune, September 2020

    “The visitor experience to a place is a lot worse when it’s really crowded or you have to wait a long time,” he said. “And COVID helped a lot of people start to see more value in telling people how busy a space is before they come. So we’ve started to break out of universities and get into new verticals as well.” - San Diego Union-Tribune, September 2020

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