Nichole Gunn

Chief Marketing Officer at Incentive Solutions
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As CMO, Nichole sets demand generation strategies for OneAffiniti and Incentive Solutions channel technology and services. Nichole and her team have increased qualified lead generation by 1800% and contributed significantly to Incentive Solutions' 20% year over year growth. Nichole holds a double BA from AIU in Marketing and Design. In her free time, she spends time with her family and travels with her husband and mini-Aussie.

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  • The idea that noncash rewards can influence buyer behavior may seem overly simplistic, but there’s a reason that prizes, promotions and rewards have been a mainstay of American loyalty marketing over the past century. Studies in behavioral economics have shown that noncash rewards produce impactful, long-lasting changes in behavior at three times the effectiveness of monetary incentives such as cash back or discounts.

  • Building loyalty in a more fragmented, competitive, digitally-driven channel may seem like a daunting prospect, especially with the mounting economic pressure and major disruptions across all supply chains. However, now is the time to begin taking actions that will mitigate near-term losses and position your company for success when the economic picture turns around.

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