Nick MacShane

Founder, Senior Managing Director at Progress Partners
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Nick is the Founder and Senior Managing Director at Progress Partners. Nick founded Progress Partners in 2002, driven by his commitment to the power of the free media as one of America’s most important exports. He has since spent the last two decades building, investing in, and advising media and marketing technology companies, cultivating a solid network of ad agencies, media companies, and advertising brands while helping to shape the rapid evolution of the industry.

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  • While voice assistants are one of the fastest-growing consumer technologies of all time, current use cases are relatively simple like listening to music or setting a timer. Over time, we expect to see the complexity of user interactions with voice technology to increase. The technology advancements we’re seeing in the voice space will allow people to do even more with their voice assistants and carry the conversation from one smart speaker to another.

    17 October 2022
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