Nicola Davolio

CEO at Hupry
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Nicola Davolio, a master of economics and a successful business leader, has made a name for himself as a global innovator and entrepreneur. Nicola's impressive educational background includes a bachelor's and a master's degree in his field, allowing him to take on massive challenges worldwide.

He's made his mark in the financial data industry, and as a quantum analyst, he knows how powerful data can be when harnessed correctly. But Nicola is more than just a numbers guy. He understands the potential impact of data and its ability to shape our world. His passion for data and its potential is infectious and inspiring.

The foundation of Nicola's entrepreneurial success is his understanding of fusing scientific research with practical relevance. He spent three years researching the intersection of blockchain, privacy, and artificial intelligence with colleagues and friends.

Hupry, the resulting solution, combines distributed privacy to make data valuable, secure, and usable. This solution will unleash the full potential of data while maintaining complete anonymity thanks to a completely confidential open privacy policy.

Nicola is different from your typical business mogul. He's a helper, a visionary, and a problem solver. He's taking on some of today's most complex challenges, from the complexities of the financial sector to the hurdles of healthcare and sustainability.

But it was sometimes different from this. Nicola's life was forever changed by four life-changing events that made him more robust, resilient, and action-oriented. These lessons helped him understand the value of enjoying every moment and appreciating those around him.

Nicola believes that your tolerance for life is directly proportional to how others treat you. He's learned firsthand that strength and resilience take time to develop and that you only know what you're capable of once you're tested.

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  • There are decades where nothing happens and weeks where decades happen.

  • You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.

    ✸ Hard times make strong men
    ✸ Strong men make easy times
    ✸ Easy times create weak men
    ✸ Weak men create hard times.

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    started Apr 2022