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  • It makes no sense to get a low down payment loan from FHA, VA, or USDA. They'll loan you 95% to 105% of the property value plus charge you fees. They'll make you house rich but cash poor.

    Instead, get down payment assistance from Home.LLC. They will give you a debt-free investment plus they'll share a portion of your losses. It's a win-win!

    22 March 2022
  • We are not in a housing bubble as there are very few signs of a housing bubble. Unlike pre-2008, banks are underwriting conservatively, wages are increasing, the population is increasing, home equity is increasing, and the supply of inventory is quite low.

    27 May 2021
  • Yes, rising interest rates might slow down home sales but we still expect home prices to continue pushing upward.

    27 May 2021
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