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Your #IntutivePractitioner is here! Ms. Nikenya Hall is the CEO and Founder of Achieving Balance Counseling and Holistic Center, LLC, where she creates intuitive experiences to bring the mind, body, and spirit back to a state of balance. Ms. Hall is a native Oklahoman who relocated to New York City in 2011. Along with her Masters in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma, Ms. Hall is an Intuitive Consultant, Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Energy Healer, Séance Conductor, Ordained Minister, Author, and Instructor at the world-renown Holistic Studies Institute. Ms. Hall pulls from over a decade of professional mental health, psychic abilities and energy work experience to her clientele unlock, achieve and live an intuitive balanced life.

Ms. Hall has a strong passion to bring different modalities into each and every one of her sessions. She practices the integration of traditional therapeutic methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy with the fusion of understanding the metaphysical world such as chakra alignment, consulting Spirit Guides and increasing intuition. As a result bringing the most integrated skills to her clientele.

As a Professional Intuitive, Ms. Hall not only conducts one-on-one sessions. She is known for her Holistic Spirit Circles, Virtual Grief Healing Circle, monthly seances and teaching her 9-month Intuitive and Psychic Development Course. You will also find her on a plethora of healing, wellness and Mental Health workshops.

Ms. Hall authored her first solo book, Letters to Grief: A Guide to Understanding and Normalizing Loss. It documents her year of firsts after her mother’s transition, along with a clinical viewpoint, meditations and journal questions. Purchase your copy HERE.

Not only is Ms. Hall a well-balanced Intuitive Consultant, Psychic Medium, Mental Health Expert and author, she loves to dabble in the fashion world, accumulate shoes, and collect stamps in her passport. She lives by her favorite quote by an unknown author, “speak what you seek, until you’ve seen what you said.” She has been featured in The New Yorker, Manhattan Times, Madame Noire and Essence Magazine. Ms. Nikenya Hall resides in New York, New York.