Niki Jorgensen

Managing Director, Client Implementation at Insperity
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Niki is Director of Service Operations with Insperity, based in the company's Denver offices. Her areas of expertise include employee onboarding, human capital management, employee relations, human resource infrastructure, employee engagement and performance management. Previously, Niki served as a manager of HR services with Insperity and prior to joining the company, she was in a senior operations and customer experience role. Insperity has been a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for more than 35 years.

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  • The idiom “go with your gut” typically steers individuals in the right direction. People are social beings, so when they trust or follow their intuition, it generally serves them and the team well. There have been times when I followed my gut and hired employees who showed a willingness and aptitude to learn, plus they were a great culture fit for the company.

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    Managing Director, Client Implementation