Nima Schei

MD Founder and CEO at Hummingbird
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Nima Schei is a serial tech entrepreneur, artist and animal rights activist. He's the founder and CEO @ Hummingbirds AI, the award-winning computer vision hub and the creator of the Guacamole solutions. Guacamole is solving the problem of who is who in the digital space through a novel privacy-first approach towards authentication. A global CISO once called Guacamole, "the Swiss Army Knife of Authentication". Nima started working on Artificial Intelligence as a medical student in 2002 in Iran when he co-created the first generation of emotion-based machines with legendary late Prof. Lucas by identifying "slow and fast" neuronal pathways that are responsible for mammalian's decision making and introducing them to machines. This rebellious approach was considered "crazy" at the time, but hundreds of scientific citations proved this invention acted faster, more robust and with less volatility comparing to every traditional "logic-based" machines. After passing of Dr. Lucas, Nima started an innovation hub called BEL Research to bring emotion-based machines to industry, which Hummingbirds AI was its first spin off.

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