Nisha Anand

CEO at Dream Corps
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Nisha Anand is a boundary-buster, common ground creator, non-violent culture-creator, outside-the-box experimenter, and national leader for social and racial justice. Her TED Talk, The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground, was viewed over one million times in the run-up to the divisive 2020 election. Once a grassroots activist arrested in Burma for pro-democracy demonstrations, Nisha is known today as a leader in cultivating unlikely and unconventional partnerships to create change. Having studied under mentors like CNN commentator and New York Times bestselling author Van Jones, and watching movement organizations rise and fall, she now pushes change-makers to dream bigger,design more inclusive movements, and experiment at scale. As Dream Corps’ CEO, Nisha guides a team of storytellers, organizers, and policy experts working at the intersections of criminal justice reform, green economics,and tech equity to create a better future for all. Nisha Anand is the mother of two teenagers and a great dane.

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    17 November 2021