Omer Riaz

CEO at Urtasker
On the record

Omer is the CEO and Director of Marketing at Urtasker. He is based in Long Island NY. Prior to ecommerce, he has worked as a Management Consultant at big consulting firms where he has helped fortune 500 clients to improve their business process using technology-based systems. Omer blogs on various topics which include his experience on the fast-changing world of ecommerce, hiring and effectively managing ecommerce staff. Urtasker is also proud to have been selected as part of the 2021 Clutch 100!

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  • The Urtasker team is well aware of the venture capital firms who seek to obtain Amazon FBA businesses, and this is very exciting. Our approach, however, remains the same; help our clients to outperform and grow their sales consistently and exponentially. By doing this our clients benefit from the near-term profits, as well as a massive upside opportunity in the vein of acquisition.

    2 March 2021
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