Oscar Chambers

Co-founder and co-lead developer at Umbria Network
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I am responsible for the deployment of Umbria, a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem. I also lead technical development of FreeFaucet.IO, the internet's biggest cryptocurrency faucet and education platform, operated by Online Blockchain PLC.

I am interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain protocols, cryptography in general, algorithms, scalable web applications, ethical hacking, cryptocurrency compliance & regulation, and how cryptocurrencies tie into modern finance.

My passions include programming, innovating new technologies in the cryptocurrency / blockchain space, internet privacy, and solving real problems in current technology.

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  • This is another example of how Umbria is making it easier for anyone to use DeFi, NFTs, and related technologies. The protocol is doing all the heavy lifting and removing the complicated technical processes, which are often a barrier to so many people entering the space. The Connect Portal means no one will ever need to set up a new chain manually in their MetaMask wallet again. It's also a great way to avoid being scammed.

    14 December 2021
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