Patrick Roosenberg

Director of Automotive Finance Intelligence at J.D. Power
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Patrick Roosenberg is the Director of Automotive Finance Intelligence at J.D. Power. Patrick is a results-driven professional equipped with several-successful years in pricing and product development, market and business-performance analysis, data mining, fair lending, collaboration and relationship building. His is adept at developing and presenting strategies based on expert-market analysis, providing course of actions necessary to ensure successful achievement of corporate objectives.

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  • There is a formula for optimizing new-vehicle lease recapture and conquest strategies. With such a high percentage of returning customers leasing again, the key to retaining those customers along with first-time lease customers is delivering the right proactive messaging at the right time via the right channel. The more lenders, OEMs and dealers can coordinate their communications to connect with customers at the right moments in their leasing journey, the more likely they will be to develop strong, long-term relationships.

    20 October 2021
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