Patrick Sullivan

CTO, Security Strategy at Akamai Technologies
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  • As government agencies shift to software- and infrastructure-as-a-service platforms, they are realizing they no longer have direct control of their applications. In general, compute is moving away from solely being within a data center. It’s more of a hybrid- and multicloud norm. And at the same time, users are [coming from] much more diverse locations. Gone are the days where you could assume that all your corporate users are going to be within the four walls of an office building.

    The model calls for an inspection to take place at the service edge. And access is granted on an application-by-application basis, and that access is indirect. The model would be to understand the identity of the employee, the student or the contractor based on their identity. But at no point are they on the network, and you assign trust based on where they are in that network topology.

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