Paul F. Fahey

Head of Investment Data Science at Northern Trust Asset Servicing
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As Head of Investment Data Science, Asset Servicing, Paul works with asset managers and allocators to better understand the investment decision process and to improve future decision making. Partnering with expert fintech firms to enable clients to: digitize the process of developing and executing investment ideas; better measure, compare, and refine the effectiveness of those ideas and leverage the power of data, behavioral analytics, investment analytics, and Northern Trust’s peer universe data to drive meaningful improvement to their investment strategy.

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  • Availability is still at the heart of the challenge. Investors want to consume whatever data they can get their hands on and integrate it with other data to extract meaningful information. The biggest change is the importance placed on integrated data by the investors and capital allocators. They expect more precise answers when they interrogate managers, who in turn must be able to stand behind what they’re presenting.