Paul Hague

Founder & CEO at BlackDice and 4 other companies
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  • We have the opportunity to help operators build trust between themselves and their customers. Ensuring that networks and devices remain prepared for the increase in attack surfaces and the increased sophistication of potential attacks, thanks to this investment from the Development Bank, BlackDice will be advancing our technology and expanding the business.

    11 August 2020
  • There are multiple ways to gain access to a WiFi network, and it all starts with the components of the router. If they have the potential to be compromised, then it doesn’t matter how many passwords or authentication systems you add to the software side of things. Just look at the recent remote hijacks on Broadcom chips or the remove code execution exploits on D-link routers – two cybersecurity problems that are still occurring in 2020.

    11 August 2020
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  • BlackDice
    Founder & CEO
    started Jan 2019
  • Haandle (
    started Oct 2014
  • The Connected Marketplace (dissolved)
    Founder & CEO
    Mar 2012 – Oct 2014