Pavel Stepanov

Founder and CEO at Virtudesk
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Pavel Stepanov is the CEO of Virtudesk, a subscription-based personnel solution for small and medium-sized businesses. He is a highly sought-after speaker, successful entrepreneur, and industry visionary. He is deeply passionate about helping new entrepreneurs kick start and improve their businesses through intuitive and innovative solutions.

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  • Forbes Business Council:

    3. Stay Informed
    "There is no one fix-all recipe. Usually, one of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is to keep on doing the same thing in hopes of reaching a different outcome. That's the clinical definition of insanity. What they should be doing is to be informed of market trends, practice flexibility to pivot and stay ahead of the curb." - Pavel Stepanov, Virtudesk

    26 August 2022
  • “From being recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US by Inc. 5000, Growjo, Titan Business Awards, Stevie’s American Business Awards, and Financial Times, my goals for Virtudesk don’t stop there. Four years from now, I envisioned my company to continue growing. I want my company to make it to the Inc. 500 and become a household name. I would like Virtudesk to introduce more services to better serve our clients, build on more technology and offer it to our customer base, and expand more fully into more industries.”

    24 June 2022
  • If the federal minimum wage goes up, it'll help my virtual assistant firm because more business owners will just have to outsource--but that's not going to help the American economy.

    8 December 2021