Peter J. Greco

CPA, Founder and Chief Tax Strategist at CSI Group
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Peter Greco began his career in 1968 working for a New York City Law Firm spe- cializing in criminal tax cases. He is now a consultant to the CSI Group's tax litigation and estate/wealth management department. He holds licenses as an (IRS) Enrolled Agent, Certified Estate Planner, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Public Accountant, Real Estate Broker, Life Insurance Producer, Stock Broker, Registered Fi- nancial Planner, and Real Estate Instructor. He is the director of the CSI School of Business where he instructs real estate classes and provides continuing education to Certified Public Accountants in New York and New Jersey and IRS-Enrolled Agents nationwide. He has written extensively on estate mat- ters and has authored and co-authored many books that deal with taxes, estate planning, financial planning and real estate matters.

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    CPA, Founder and Chief Tax Strategist