Peter Warhurst

Founder & CEO at Red Rover
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Pete is the CEO of Red Rover. He has had 100% success rate on profitable exits from his start-up ventures. He also launched PODS in 1997 and grew it to over 100 corporate and franchise owned locations in the US, Canada and Australia before selling to private equity in 2007.

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  • We're fortunate: A lot of people believe in our vision, we're very well-funded, we have ambitions of first quarter of 2021 opening in several other markets.

    1 November 2021
  • Boston is one of the country’s hottest real estate markets with students and knowledge workers moving constantly – and often yearly on September 1. At many addresses, we can offer the only realistic option for easy loading at tight street spaces. We feel our unique model is well-suited to serve this market.

    1 November 2021
  • Use furniture sliders when dragging heavy item. Floor damage is very common.

    1 November 2021
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