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Head of Product and Client Solutions at Westwood Holdings Group
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Mr. DeSantis joined Westwood in December 2015 as Senior Vice President, Head of Product and Client Solutions at Westwood, a Dallas-based asset/wealth manager with $12 billion in assets. He is responsible for the planning, development and execution of the firm’s product strategy, product management, marketing and communications initiatives. He also Co-Heads Product Innovation at the firm.

Mr. DeSantis joined Westwood with over 20 years of experience across sales and distribution, product management, strategic marketing and strategy. Prior to joining Westwood, Mr. DeSantis worked at PNC Capital Advisors, LLC, in Chicago, Illinois, as a Managing Director for their asset management business. He also served as Director, Senior Product Specialist at UBS Global Asset Management and Vice President for their Multi-Asset and Liquid Alternative Strategies, and Senior Product Manager for their quantitative strategies at Northern Trust Asset Management in Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. DeSantis earned his BS in Finance from Arizona State University. Additionally, he is a member of the CFA Institute and a Registered Securities Representative (FINRA Series 6, 7 and 63).

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  • We believe this new model serves as a catalyst for mutual fund investors at a time when [exchange-traded funds] and index funds may likely disappoint investors due simply to potentially lower market returns over the next 10 years. Sensible Fees funds will enable investors to pay a low index or ETF-like fee while only charging a higher active management fee when fund performance objectives exceed the benchmark,” said Phil DeSantis, head of product management at Westwood in Dallas, Texas, when the new approach was initially offered in conjunction with Westwood’s “best ideas” high-conviction LargeCap Select strategy back in March.

    12 May 2020
  • Experts say that it may, under certain circumstances, though overall, fee-sensitive products are gaining steam in the marketplace with lower ETF pricing, "zero-based expense ratio funds, and more recently, performance-based models in the active management space that properly align fees for the real value…" says Phil DeSantis, head of product management and senior vice president at Westwood Holdings Group in Dallas.

    That said, fees alone won't make or break your financial goals or objectives.

    "Investors fundamentally need to have the proper asset allocation and managers working for them to perform," DeSantis says.

    8 October 2019
  • Investors fundamentally need to have the proper asset allocation and managers working for them to perform.

    1 July 2019
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    Head of Product and Client Solutions
    started Mar 2015