Phil Gray

Chief Innovation Officer at Interactions, LLC
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Phil Gray is the Chief Innovation Officer at Interactions, a leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs), where he is transforming the customer experience by creating and operationalizing disruptive technology inventions. He has extensive experience with contact center and customer experience technologies, making him the "go-to" expert for helping enterprise leaders leverage speech and natural language understanding to improve their businesses. Prior to joining Interactions, Phil founded and led Versay, a natural language, speech applications company. He also held leadership roles at Nuance and Eloyalty.

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  • The best and most impactful experiences I’ve seen across the board are those that enable natural, seamless conversations. There’s no “Press 1 for billing” or “You can say things like…”—just open-ended conversations that allow customers to express themselves as they would with a human, and guide the conversation to quickly and easily achieve their goal.

  • My top piece of advice for businesses looking to further invest in conversational AI systems is to understand the customer journey—from a person’s first engagement with the brand to continued support post-transaction. Businesses need to understand how customers like to communicate and what pain points exist in the process today, and develop a cohesive strategy accordingly with personalization and contextual information woven in throughout. Taking this step will help you deliver on the experiences customers crave today.

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