Phil Santoro

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder at Wilbur Labs and 2 other companies
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Phil Santoro is an entrepreneur. He is a Co-Founder of Wilbur Labs, a startup studio based in San Francisco. Since 2016, Wilbur Labs has built and invested in 21+ companies, helping hundreds of millions of people travel the world, find a job, order everyday essentials, care for their pets, and sign up for the right insurance plan.

Previously, Phil worked at Google in Mountain View, California. Before that, Phil founded in 2007 to allow anyone to create a forum. quickly became one of the largest destinations online, receiving over 125 million monthly pageviews, and was acquired by the public company CrowdGather in 2010 while Phil was in college.

Phil Santoro is one of the top experts on building companies. Phil built his first computer in 2001 at the age of 12 and founded his first company at 14. Phil loves sharing what he’s learned to help others build and grow companies. Phil is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship and the author of numerous articles on building and growing companies.

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  • "The extensive research, knowledge, resources, and support the Wilbur Labs team brings to the table enables its portfolio companies to focus on the most important thing, which is solving customer problems"
    – Phil Santoro, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder at Wilbur Labs

  • "Entrepreneurship is about having a vision for what could be made better, plus the willingness to work incredibly hard and take on big risks to achieve it. Entrepreneurs are the foundation for modern economies — building startups and small businesses that tackle important problems, and innovating to pave the way for our future."
    – Phil Santoro, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder at Wilbur Labs

  • "Startups and small businesses are the foundation of modern economies, and while startups and technology can’t solve all the world’s problems, they have far-reaching influence and impact."
    – Phil Santoro, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder at Wilbur Labs

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