Philip Verrien

Co-Founder and Project Lead at Pollen DeFi at Magnify Money
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Project Lead at Pollen, a DeFi 2.0 asset management protocol.

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  • DeFi Summer showed the potential for a fully decentralized financial system. The technology was in its infancy and only those with a large risk appetite and technical smarts engaged. Through all the noise, we identified the need for easily accessible, mature decentralized financial products with appeal to a broader audience. The next generation of DeFi. We have been building what we believe will be the central DeFi 2.0 product: the first truly decentralized asset management protocol, Pollen DeFi. It will challenge the way people approach their crypto portfolio and give them dynamic new options.

    2 November 2021
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  • Magnify Money
    Co-Founder and Project Lead at Pollen DeFi