Phillip Wannell

Founder at Auto Genie
On the record

With over 15 years experience working in the audio industry I have a vast knowledge of products and solutions so that I know exactly what your needs and desires are. I've personally curated and sold headphones and portable audio solutions all over the world to clients loving everything from classical music, through to grunge metal and female vocals to drum and bass. Each genre requires a specific solution to get the very best from it.

Before I started my own business I successfully launched and ran a portable audio centric division of the company, growing the brand to deliver high quality headphone and portable audio solutions to everyone from avid audio fans to clients unaware of the potential a higher quality system can provide. With Audio Concierge I wanted to provide a much more personal and bespoke service as no one persons requirements are the same.

My goal is to share the benefits of high quality music with as many people as possible. I love seeing clients' reactions the first time they listen to their favourite music again. It's amazing the feeling you get when you hear things in your most revered track that you never realised was there.

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