Portia Kibble Smith

Executive Recruiter and Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Karat
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Portia Kibble Smith is an executive recruiter and diversity and inclusion lead for Karat, a company that conducts technical interviews on behalf of businesses hiring software engineers to create a more predictive, fair, and inclusive process. She has recently been the driving force behind the Real Talk: Diversity in Tech series and the launch of Brilliant Black Minds.

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  • Based on the high participation and positive feedback from our pilot with Howard University students, we're expanding the program this semester to other HBCUs and industry organizations. These institutions produce brilliant software engineers, but many of the candidates haven't been exposed to formal interview training and preparation for how big-tech companies assess talent, which puts them at a disadvantage.

    18 January 2022
  • The lack of representation of Black engineers in tech is a barrier to entry for the next generation. A lot of the HBCU students we interviewed are first-generation college students. They don't have a clear understanding of what goes on in a technical interview until they're interviewing for their first engineering internship, and they don't have anyone in their networks to help them prepare.

    18 January 2022
  • The reality is that many D&I programs, and the chief diversity officers (CDOs) who champion them, have not been properly equipped to make impactful changes in how their companies recruit, retain, and promote diverse talent.

    18 January 2022
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    Executive Recruiter and Diversity & Inclusion Lead