Priya Misra

Global Head of Rates Strategy at TD Securities at TD Securities
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Priya Misra is a Managing Director and Global Head of Rates Strategy at TD Securities. Based in New York, Priya is responsible for the macro calls on the U.S. and global interest rate markets, and provides investment advice to clients. She publishes regular research on interest rates, discussing secular trends as well as trade ideas and manages a model portfolio of recommendations. Her team includes analysts in New York, Toronto, London, and Singapore. Priya represents TD at the Fed's Alternative Reference Rate Committee (ARRC) and is actively involved in the transition from Libor to SOFR. She is also a member of the Federal Reserve's Treasury Market Practices Group (TMPG).

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  • The high levels of vaccinations in the U.S. will keep hospitalizations low. Even if the Delta infections rise and it doesn’t impact mortality as much, the reopening trade can continue.

    18 August 2021
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