Rachel Neill

Co-Founder and CEO at Carex Consulting Group
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Entrepreneur and co-founder of Carex Consulting Group, Shenanigan Kids (The Figgy), and Talent Bandit. Passionate about the startup space, scaling companies, raising capital, and women in tech.

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  • I’m a big believer in, like, minimum viable product, speed to market, just get out there and do it and test it out and fail fast. There are people who spend tons of time making everything perfect and then their idea doesn’t work out in the end and you’ve wasted a lot of time and money, potentially. So this is a great way to test things out.

    30 July 2021
  • I have rules set up that put emails into different folders, color code, and prioritize based on sender. The rules help make sure I’m following up consistently and blocking noise. This helps me keep the clutter to a minimum.

    30 July 2021
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