Raghee Horner

Managing Director, Futures Trading at Simpler Trading
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Raghee’s exposure to the markets began in a rather unconventional way. Raghee attributes her unconventional start to a bet she made with her mom. Her mom said she could get a part-time job in high school as long as she invested 25% of what she made. Being a 15 year old, Raghee thought that was ridiculous and challenged her mom that she could prove there was no merit to what her mother had asked of her. To her surprise, her mom’s requirement helped Raghee to understand that you can make money while you sleep…She was hooked and has never changed her course. Given her interest in trading, she began learning the amazing tactile aspect of charting. That’s when she was able to visually see the way price and behavior lined up. It opened her eyes to market discounts, news, and fundamentals.

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  • The Dow is a weighted average, designed to move higher and remove underperforming names in its self-interest.

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