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Founder and CEO at Brillio, started the company in 2014 and its a already a several thousand people strong, fast growth digital transformation company serving over 50 Fortune 1000 clients among over 200 customers globally. Brillio is built to challenge the conventional approach to enterprise IT with the New Know How in Technology. We are wired for speed, and develop and deploy disruptive solutions that help our clients stay ahead in a fast-changing environment and capture business value faster. At Brillio we invest in our people, new technologies, rigor in our processes, and being a socially responsible organization.

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  • Since the beginning, we wanted to tread away from legacy IT and build a strong foundation in full digital capabilities. Not only that, we wanted to build a product mindset that is agile and a culture based on that. Mobile, cloud, AI and analytics and IoT are disrupting the industry in a way we have never seen before which require this culture and skill-set.

    16 October 2021
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    16 October 2021
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