Raja Dhir

Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Seed
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Raja Dhir is the Cofounder and Co-CEO at Seed. Raja co-created Seed Health’s foundry, which partners with leading scientists to translate breakthrough science into live biotherapeutics and innovations for consumer health. Seed Health’s first biotech foundry company, LUCA Biologics, is entering FDA trials this year. He also founded and oversees SeedLabs to develops novel applications for bacteria to solve complex ecological problems, most recently inventions to protect honeybee populations (Apis mellifera) from neonicotonoid pesticides and pathogen colonization.

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  • We are converging advances in sequencing technologies, metabolomics, and functional strain characterization to gain insight into microbial communities and develop interventions that are effective across a heterogeneous population or personalized. These proceeds accelerate our multi-platform, multi-technology approach to efficiently take breakthrough research from discovery to market across ecosystems of the body at various life stages, developmental windows, and health conditions.

    21 October 2021
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    Co-Founder & Co-CEO