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CEO, President, and Founder at ivest+
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Rance, President and Founder of iVest+, is a seasoned Market Educator who is passionate about providing traders with the tools and insights needed to succeed. Prior to founding iVest+ in 2001, Rance worked as an executive helping to develop TD Ameritrade’s Trade Architect trading platform. he is an Innovator at heart, introducing a number of industry-leading technologies that make it easier for new traders to learn and experienced traders to analyze today’s markets.

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  • Cryptocurrency trading has obviously become part of the mainstream trading vernacular. Just like everything we do when we build a new platform component, we wanted to take a unique approach to how we present information so that customers and students can make more educated decisions about what they are buying and selling. We feel that we have created a solid foundation to that end. Our traders are very sophisticated in stocks and options, and they have requested that we provide them with cryptocurrency information in an evolving world.

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