Raul Garcia

Principal - Financial Services at Kaufman Rossin
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Raul Garcia leads both audit and tax engagements for clients across the investment industry, including hedge funds, private equity funds, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and venture capital funds. He takes a hands-on approach when counseling clients and involves himself in every step of the auditing process, walking clients through policies, procedures and examinations to deliver quality reporting.

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  • The tax savings is going to have a huge impact on bringing hedge funds here. [Principals and employees] can save tens of thousands of dollars, and they will see that they should be moving out of these areas. There’s a tremendous opportunity, because they can operate a business here without missing a beat. The real benefit to our community is going to start coming down the road; we haven’t really begun to see it yet. The trickle-down effect bodes well for us.

    30 December 2021
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    30 December 2021
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