Raullen Chai

CEO and co-founder at IoTeX - Trusted Internet of Things
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After stints in cybersecurity and blockchain at Uber and Google, Raullen is now CEO of IoTex. He leads a global team of cryptologists, blockchain experts and IoT specialists in building the Trusted Internet of Things.

Founded as an open-source project in 2017, IoTeX is building bridges across the Connected World, leveraging blockchain technology and in-house hardware devices to provide secure and interoperable pathways for the machine-to-machine economy.

The IoTeX platform is the global trust backbone for intelligently and efficiently connecting distinct parties, is built from scratch by former tech leads from Google, Facebook, Uber, Intel, Bosch, and is based our innovations in blockchain, identity, confidential computing, and edge cloud.

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  • "As [IoT] technology evolves, I think we should reconsider this [centralized] paradigm," Raullen said. "We have blockchain, crypto, and lots of other new technologies right now. So this paradigm can be shifted in a way that allows people the same level of functionality and convenience on applications, and also allows them to fully own their devices and data."

    18 August 2021
  • "Basically, one company owns the vast majority of phones that people use in the world; a second company owns the most popular kind of car. More companies separately operate smart keys, smart cameras, and much more. But there is no way to connect them in a frictionless system, which makes integration onto a digital chain of value almost impossible."

    18 August 2021
  • "Because [a small number of companies] own everything, all of the builders and creators -- people with great ideas and talents -- don't have much presence in the current state of IoT," Raullen said. "We are in a period of innovation stagnation. Although we have better cars and better phones, [not much has changed] since ten years ago."

    18 August 2021