Ray Kathawa

Vice President of Practice Development at M&O Marketing
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Ray Kathawa, M&O Marketing’s Vice President of Practice Development, has improved the business, sales techniques, and profits for hundreds of agents across the country for over a decade. Ray has worked among the nation’s most successful financial services professionals in the life insurance, fixed index annuity, and securities marketplaces. He has mastered the ability of understanding an agents practice, developing methods to improve it, and implementing those methods through a proven process making him the ultimate consultant for all financial professionals. His work ethic and drive is evident through the success of the agents and advisors he works with.

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  • The same interest rate impact will drive fixed index annuity sales. Indexed interest strategy rates are increasing substantially already. Caps and participation rates are going up and spreads are going down. Premium bonuses have begun to increase for the same reason and even some commission boosters have been announced.

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