Rebecca Clyde

Executive Committee & Finance Commitee at Arizona Technology Council and 3 other companies
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Rebecca a LatinX founder and entrepreneur. She modernizes healthcare with intelligent chat for patient engagement. She is also a public speaker, board member, and advisor. Rebecca is a future-thinking, goal-oriented, and globally-minded marketing leader who drives business growth through creative and innovative communication strategies. She is skilled at recognizing market trends, multi-cultural nuances, and uncovering customer needs to develop highly-effective and targeted marketing campaigns. She is a high-energy team motivator with a focus on managing through strengths.

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  • We knew we could make the American Family Care team feel like they hired an entirely new division to manage its COVID-19 inquiries. Patients need quick and easy access to COVID-related information, and we’re helping AFC provide that service without compromising its sales efforts. COVID-19 testing and tracing is one of the most important services a clinic can provide, and we’re with AFC every step of the way.

    24 March 2021
  • It was great for us in the sense that we were able to take advantage of that momentum that suddenly existed, that opening the aperture in the industry to really think about digital strategies for patient engagement that before would have been considered ‘nice to have’ now became ‘must have'. It's a totally different ballgame when you're creating a product that's intended for the health care industry. There's compliance requirements in terms of how we mask that data, how we encrypt the data, how it's transmitted, how it's protected, who can have access to it.

    24 March 2021
  • The traditional way in which families and patients inquire about healthcare services is not sustainable. Families are forced to sacrifice crucial time — a majority of that time being spent on hold — just to receive a response. On the other side of the phone are our healthcare providers, who are unable to instantly and efficiently assist callers without wait times. The industry is in desperate need of innovation. As we innovate, our mission is to not only ensure that families can more easily manage critical care without long waits and cumbersome systems, but also assist healthcare professionals in providing instant responses to those in need.

    24 March 2021