Reece Stockhausen

Men's Relationship, Intimacy, & Self Development Coach at Practical Intimacy
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Reece Stockhausen is a men's relationship, intimacy, and personal development coach. Together with his wife Jodie, he's been helping men, women, and couples create exceptional lives and extraordinary relationships for over 8 years.

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  • “Sharing your inner thoughts, feelings and desires is a great place to start when embracing vulnerability,” says Reece Stockhausen, a relationship and intimacy coach for men at Practical Intimacy.

    “It gives your partner the opportunity to truly know and understand you, opening you both up to new levels of connection and emotional intimacy with each other. This openness and transparency builds trust in a relationship, which over time becomes self-reinforcing; the safer you feel emotionally, the more vulnerable you can be, which in turn creates more trust and safety, and a deepening connection.”

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  • Practical Intimacy
    Men's Relationship, Intimacy, & Self Development Coach
    started Nov 2014