Reilly Newman

Brand Strategist / Founder / Bestselling Author at Motif Brands
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As the founder and brand strategist of Motif Brands, human behavior ushered Reilly into the world of design and brand over 15 years ago. This drives him to explore why people make buying decisions, how brands sell, and the psychology of effective marketing. He has shared his expertise through college lectures on the psychology of marketing and design, and he regularly writes about business, brand, and consumer behavior.

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  • "Before seeking to implement nostalgia as a tactic, CPGs should first check and see if nostalgia is a complementary tool to use in its overall marketing strategy"

  • “Nostalgia in marketing is most effective when the conceptual meaning that it evokes aligns with the brand that is deploying it,”

  • “They have bottled the feeling of walking down Disneyland’s Main Street – a time when your neighborhood was neighborly and politics weren’t political.”

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    Brand Strategist / Founder / Bestselling Author