Rene Ho

Chief Financial Officer at Taulia
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As Chief Financial Officer, René has responsibility for the company’s finance and human resource functions and oversees the administration of the company. René has more than 20 years of experience in finance, operations and leadership roles in the United States and Asia.

Before joining Taulia, René took a break from the for-profit world and helped Goodwill of Silicon Valley develop its program to help adults with autism find meaningful work. René’s corporate experience includes managing the divisional finance staff at Visa to prepare the business units for what was, at the time, the largest IPO in the United States. René also spent 4 years in Asia managing the operations of Visa’s largest region outside the United States.

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  • We want the people that have been with us for several years to grow and learn. That means a big reinvestment in L&D or else they will go. We are seeing turnover like many other companies, and we want to find better ways to keep longer tenured people engaged and excited at Taulia.

    19 October 2021
  • Philosophically, I prefer to focus on perfecting the process derived from ESG reporting rather than the outcome itself.

    25 August 2021
  • We seek to offer programmes that have broad participation. We seek feedback from employees and try to improve programmes as required. Communicating programmes in a holistic strategy is also important.

    25 August 2021
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