Renny Vandewege

Vice President of Weather Operations at DTN
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Renny is an executive leader and learner. He is focused on the impact of weather-events to businesses across a variety of markets, ensuring solutions are innovative, deliver ROI, and relevant. Renny is a trusted advisor to key customers and partners. Experience in high-growth business including driving profit and loss expectations, bringing new products to market, sales and product leadership, operations, customer advocacy, and mergers and acquisition.

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  • I don’t think Tornado Alley is shifting, but I do believe it encompasses a larger area than the traditional Tornado Alley states from Texas through Nebraska.

    3 May 2021
  • Historically, routing decisions have been made using worst-case weather scenarios which tend to be more operationally restrictive. With advanced forecasting capabilities, airlines have access to more accurate, detailed, and specific data for flight management.

    3 May 2021
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    Vice President of Weather Operations